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Raquel's theory on Feminists, and why they ruined our lives

Feminists have ruined my life.
I'm 18. I should have been married and pregnant by now. But no.
Some ugly anti-bra women decided it wasn't good enough to stay at home, knitting, gardening, going to parties and watching over the children. Our husbands were rich, elegant, good men chosen by our parents. If they cheated on us they did so in fancy brothels were all men got together to smoke cigars and drink whisky. But they respected us. We were their wives, their lives. Without us, they were nothing.
Now, not only must we have the skills of a house wife, be good looking, take good care of ouselves, have a nice body we also have to be hard working, studious, have good jobs and a good reputation. We have to go hunting for a husband in a forest filled with whores (who arised only after feminists came around) where its impossible to get a man to settle down (why would they?) and we are stuck to double shifts of work, lesser pay and sucky sexless lives.
Feminists ruined my life. I would be a happy mother with a happy home and fun balls and fancy dresses and much jewlery.
Now I'm a college student, who works until 8 pm, has no boyfriend (no future prospectives either) and no sex.

Thanks feminists, I appreciate ur efforts to ruining my life.

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