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Oh, hello!

My first theory is about bosses.
What is the matter with our bosses, and why, OH GOD WHY, can´t we just kill them!?
Have you ever noticed how you´re ALWAYS gonna be smarter than your boss?! It´s a given. No matter how long he´s been on the job, you´re always brighter, more creative and more intelligent than your him (her)...
Bosses have better paychecks, they never have to be on time and they can skip work whenever they feel like it.
So why are they always these mental, anal individuals who just won´t GET OFF YOUR FUCKING CASE??!?!?!?
They know the exact way to get on your nerves, and do it all the time, just for the hell of it.
Bosses are unique species who like nothing more than to publicly humiliate you during a meeting with the cute guy you have a crush on.
Well, then, should YOU ever become the boss?!
The answer is NO. Cuz if you did become the boss, you would probably hire someone smarter than you, who would despize everything you do and hate your guts. So...
Here is a list of a few things you can do to your boss´s Business Card:
1. Go to AA meetings, self-help groups and other mental institutions and give it away as if your own
2. Use it as ID (worn as a tag on chest) in a Gay club
3. Hit a very expensive car and give away as if your own.
4. Floss
5. Offend some really big, ugly thugs in dark alleys and, as you run away, let it accidentally slip out of your back pocket.
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