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For what it's worth...

Love is such a relative thing.
Call me a non-conformist, but I believe love is all about timing.
I think what makes two people fall in love are the circumstances.
Have you ever wondered if you already saw the love of your life walking down the street and were too busy to notice? So has everyone. But I garantee it never happened. Because what makes two people share a mutual feeling of love is the fact that they know each other. What about love at first sight, you ask? That is just the feeling you get, when you look into a stranger's eyes for the first time, that you might already know them. What if you don't even talk to them? Don't worry. You'll find someone else.
What about all those movies I saw, you ask? Bullshit, I tell you!
It is a certain thing, I believe, that when a person knows you and you know them so well that you care for each other more than anything else, it's magical.
What about non-corresponded love, you ask? I think it is a misunderstanding on one's behalf. And that it's nobody's fault (God knows I wish it was).
All I can say is: love happens for a reason. And what I really think makes love such a wonderful feeling is that it fills the emptiness (aka the 'big void') with nothing but a comforting feeling.
To quote one of my favorite poets, Jewel:
He said I feel like home to him.
This was the best definition of love I could find.

I wrote this 'piece' on June 20th, 2000. Funny to find it last night, going through old letters with Pati, and realize my opinion hasn't really changed. :)
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