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That´s life...

I love it when there´s absolutely NOTHING to do at work.
I feel as if I were wasting a very precious time of my life, which could have been used for other useful activites, such as getting my nails done, singing or walking my dogs (amongst others).
I feel as if time won’t go by (Cazuza, a brazilian singer/songwriter/poet, wrote “Time doesn’t stop”, only because he never had a real job).
In the meantime, I print song lyrics, record covers (which I had previsouly burned from my mom/brother´s collection), pictures of friends and celebrities. Oh! And I’ve gotten very good at finding useless websites about nothing. Uselessness taken to the extreme.
And since when is that a good way to spend public money?! (I work for the Government). I may even be complaining for no reason while others have no job, but I hate doing nothing when I could have been using my creativity/work force. If there is nothign to do at the office one day, why not give me the day off? I’m sure that I would come back the next day more active and with much more will to work. I’d be happier.
So, if ever the day comes for me to have my own company, I surely will apply that policy with my employees. That way, they would at least like their job, and I would also be contributing to their overall happiness.
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