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Theory # 2

This is my theory on bad male drivers.
It is virtually impossible to tolerate dating a bad driver.
What would you do if the man you loved was a worst driver than you??
If it´s ever happened to you, you know what I´m talking about.
You sit there on the passenger seat, praying that nothing happens to your pretty self, being honked at by older people and getting "the finger" from every teenager that goes by.
You feel embarassed. You feel uncomfortable. All you wanna do is take the steering wheel and DRIVE, and you would do exactly that if it weren´t for that BIG BAD DRIVER SITTING NEXT TO YOU.
How would you ever live up to the feeling of having to please all of your girlfriends by introducing them to your cute new bf, if as soon as they got in his car they started cringing for their lives!!? (Cuz a girlfriend would NEVER humiliate you in front of your man, even if it was to say "Could you please speed up a little?! I think there´s a minimum speed limit." or "Please, can I get to the restaurant ALIVE?!")
No. Dating a bad driver is wrong. Men are supposed to drive better than us, they´re expected to do so.
Plus, and this is where the theory gets interesting: a man who can´t drive, in my opinion, must SUCK in the sack.
If he´s not comfortable handling a big round object, how would he EVER handle a small, tiny one?...
Just a thought.
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I think you should write something about it on our community. You are totally right. One more reason for not to date X, he's an apalling driver.